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Psycho-educational assessments are available using statistically sound, standardized assessment tools and are appropriate for the diagnosis of emotional and learning disorders. Psycho-educational assessments  are available for those requiring assistance with:

  • learning difficulties
  • attention disorders or difficulties
  • behavioral disorders
  • memory difficulties

Psycho-educational assessments are used to clarify an individual’s learning style, academic ability, memory style, and capacity for attention. They may be used to identify giftedness, learning disorders, intellectual disabilities, and attentional or behavioral disorders. A report is supplied which can provide documentation for Individual Educational Plans, or for those making the transition from secondary school to college or university. The process includes the administration of standardized assessments of cognition and achievement as well as screeners of mental health and the compilation of developmental history, learning history, and self-concept of learning. Normally 3-5 hours of one-on-one assessment are required as well as the completion of forms and interviews.